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Accelerated Development

Access a rich library of functions, developers can accelerate their development process. Leverage pre-built functions to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and focus on delivering innovative solutions.


Promotes collaboration among developers by providing a centralized platform for sharing and discovering functions. Benefit from collective knowledge, insights, and contributions, fostering an environment of growth.

Reduced costs

Avoid the costs associated with building functions from scratch. Reusing existing functions translates to significant savings in terms of time, resources, and development efforts, allowing you to allocate resources strategically.

Function Specification

name: "identity"

specVersion: "0.1"

version: "1.0"

env: {

  "mode": "production"


packages: {

  identity: {

    import: "fhub.dev/identity"

    launch: "Init"

    build: container: image: "golang:1.20"

    serving: http: url: "https://identity:3000/"



functions: {

  login: {

    package: "identity"

    launch: "Login"

    input: {

      username: string

      password: string


    output: {

      success: bool